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VGA Cable (Male-Male)

In stock Consegna 24/48 ori

Thin VGA cable
Cables: DB15HDM - DB15HDM (Male-Male)  [+]

A partire da 12,00 € +IVA
(14,52 € IVA compr.)

HDMI Cable

In stock Consegna 24/48 ori

Gold-plated Contacts Optimized for HDTV digital signals
Resolutions 1080p, 1440p, 1600p, 2160p, 4Kx2K  [+]

A partire da 19,00 € +IVA
(22,99 € IVA compr.)

VGA Signal Selector

In stock Consegna 24/48 ori

VGA Signal Selector Switch
- 1 VGA Input  [+]

Prezzo 57,00 € +IVA
(68,97 € IVA compr.)

VGA video Duplicator

In stock Consegna 24/48 ori

VGA videa Duplicator
- 1 VGA input  [+]

Prezzo 69,00 € +IVA
(83,49 € IVA compr.)

VGA Connections Box, Audio and 10m Cables

In stock Consegna 24/48 ori

This connections box contains the following combinable pieces:

Prezzo 120,00 € +IVA
(145,20 € IVA compr.)

Connections Box for Interactive Whiteboards

In stock Consegna 24/48 ori

Connections Box and Cables for interactive Epson projectors 450Wi and 460i, with everything that is necessary for installation without problems. Perfect for making life easier for installer!
Pack includes:  [+]

Prezzo 149,00 € +IVA
(180,29 € IVA compr.)

4K HDMI Optical Cable

In stock Consegna 24/48 ori

Cable HDMI 2.0 hÝbrido de alta velocidad con Ethernet que admite resoluciones hasta 4K 60Hz y 10.2 Gbps. Permite extender la se˝al a largas distancias sin degradaciˇn. Se alimenta por el conector HDMI, no requiere alimentaciˇ

A partire da 175,00 € +IVA
(211,75 € IVA compr.)
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